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Friday 14-18
Saturday 12-16

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Karantie 2, Espoo 02630 @Keran Hallit

Google maps sometimes gives wrong directions if you just use the address.  For some reason it occasionally takes you to the train station on the west side of the building where there is no public entrance.   

Put "8-Bit Brewing Oy Karantie 2" into google maps and it should take you to the right place.  The main entrance is at the corner of Karantie and Lansantie follow the white arrows on the map to the left. 

Door J 407 It is the center row of the building where all the murals are.  Go into the center courtyard between the padel house on the left side and Tired Uncle's Taproom on the right.  Follow the arrows on the map to J 407 which is behind the recycling room labeled H1-H3 and then there are signs to 8-Bit.  It is down the hall between Tired Uncle and Masis' breweries. 

To come from the train staion you can walk either way around the building.  It is the exact same distance. 

Our Story

8-Bit Brewing is a Helsinki based beer outfit.  Combining a love of beer and games, we specialize in easy to drink beers.  Our philosophy is to have a whole line of beers that would would want for a BBQ or the sauna.  We mix American craft beer styles with the brewing techniques of German and Czech lager makers to try and take each style of beer and tone it down just a little bit.  Smooth off the edges, take the bite off, and just leave you with something that is still complex and flavorful, but refreshing as the first priority. 

All our beers are designed to taste as clean on the 5th pint as the 1st.  Most of our products stay in the 5-6.5% alcohol range and are designed with crisp and light malt bodies to be thirst quenching and still packed with flavor.  

We hope you'll enjoy our refreshing “everyday beer” style either after work in a pub, or at home paired with a great game.

After years of opperating as a gypsy brewery, we opened our own facility in Konala Helsinki in January of 2018.  And we moved to Keran Hallit in Espoo October 1st 2020. 

8-Bit Save Point

Our shop is situated at Keran Hallit in Espoo and we are open:

Friday 14-18
Saturday 12-16

You can also make orders in our webshop, and come get your order from the shop when we're open.

Restaurants, bars, and grocery stores

You can order our beers from suppilog.fi or contact our sales team at kimi@8bitbrewing.fi / +358505564467

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Want to have 8-Bit beers in your local bars and grocery stores?

Our beers are available in a variety of K-Markets, K-Supermarkets, and K-Citymarkets in the Helsinki/Espoo/Vantaa area. If you don't see our beer in your local grocery store, please contact the store and ask them to get in contact with us. We will quickly make it happen. It also helps us out a lot if you ask for 8-Bit beers at your local bars and restaurants :)